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News Articles

Pool Closed March 5-6
Posted on Mar 5th, 2016

Dear Behrens Ranch Resident,
The board voted to renovate the bathrooms at the Residents Center pool this winter.  We chose winter to minimize the impact of such work on the ability to use the center.  With this Indian summer of a weekend, we realize this may be a bit of an issue at the moment. 
The finishing touches are happening now.  We need to have the area completely closed to allow for things to properly dry.  No sense in having our investment immediately ruined.  A pool without a usable restroom is just, well, gross.  We made the decision to close the pool in light of this.
The bathrooms REALLY needed the refresh that they are receiving.  We hope you understand, and we thank your for your patience.
Your volunteers,
Behrens Ranch HOA Board of Directors