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News Articles

LCRA Power Line Project Info
Posted on Nov 3rd, 2015

Our local elected officials have provided input into this process. This includes the Round Rock city council, the mayor, and our state representatives. According to representative Larry Gonzalez that was present at the board meeting with LCRA, all of the elected officials in Round Rock are in favor of a route for the lines that follows existing lines and runs along the I35 access road with minimal new residences impacted by the lines. In the map provided by LCRA here you can see the proposed routes and the recommended route that avoids our community and runs along existing power line routes includes the following segments: I3, G3, E3, C3, X2, A1, Z, and S.   The route that we DO NOT WANT that runs alongside our community includes the following segments: F3, D3, and A3.
Actions to be taken by every resident concerned
1)FILL OUT AND RETURN THE LCRA SURVEY. This is the most important first step that we can take to affect where the lines will run.  The number of responses to this survey that object to a specific route or support a specific route will increase the chances of a favorable outcome. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ANSWER QUESTIONS 8 & 9 and that each of us provide a consistent answer to the routes we prefer and object to.  Specifically in answer to question 8 EVERYONE -should indicate a preference for a route that runs along the following segments: I3, G3, E3, C3, X2, A1, Z, and S. The reasons why we prefer this route are:
-it runs along existing transmission line routes
-it minimizes the impact to residences that currently are not bordered by transmission lines
-it runs along an existing railroad line with sufficient buffer from surrounding homes
Specifically in answer to question 9 EVERYONE should indicate that we do not favor a route that runs along the following segments: F3, D3, and A3. The reasons why we object to this route are:
-it will devalue the many homes in the neighboring community
-it will devalue the planned city park which is slated to be developed into a natural recreation area
-it will run adjacent to Cactus Ranch Elementary school which will increase the risk of harm to the children in the area
-the NIH has found sufficient evidence of a linkage between increased incidence of Leukemia and living near high-voltage transmission lines to not rule out high-voltage lines as a risk factor for the disease in adults and children:
You may email a completed electronic copy of the survey to Christian Powell at lcratsc@lcra.org or mail a printed copy to:
Christian Powell
LCRA Regulatory Affairs
Mailstop DSC – D204
P.O. Box 220
Austin, TX 78767-0220
Send an email to the city council at citycouncil@roundrocktexas.gov expressing your support for the preferred segments and opposition to the segments that run along our community.