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Board of Directors Meeting 7/27/21
Posted on Jul 20th, 2021
Behrens Ranch Board Meeting
Tue,7/27/21 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT)
This Meeting will be held in the Behrens Ranch Clubhouse
Social Committee Volunteers
Posted on Oct 3rd, 2017 Comments (0)
We need volunteers for the social committee,  please contact Chris Tinnell at christinnell@realtyaustin.com if you are interested in helping to plan the events for our neighborhood.
October Newsletter
Posted on Oct 24th, 2016
Shirley Marquardt serves as the Newsletter Editor.
Behrens Ranch - August Newsletter
Posted on Aug 5th, 2016
The August edition of the Behrens Ranch Newsletter has been published.
2016 Amenity Survey
Posted on Jun 16th, 2016
Have you taken the 2016 Amenity Survey?
Behrens Ranch - April Newsletter
Posted on Apr 12th, 2016
~ Shirley Marquardt, Newsletter Editor and Behrens Ranch Homeowner
Pool Closed March 5-6
Posted on Mar 5th, 2016
Dear Behrens Ranch Resident,
The board voted to renovate the bathrooms at the Residents Center pool this winter.  We chose winter to minimize the impact of such work on the ability to use the center.  With this Indian summer of a weekend, we realize this may be a bit of an issue at the moment. 
The finishing touches are happening now.  We need to have the area completely closed to allow for things to properly dry.  No sense in having our investment immediately ruined.  A pool without a usable restroom is just, well, gross.  We made the decision to close the pool in light of this.
The bathrooms REALLY needed the refresh that they are receiving.  We hope you understand, and we thank your for your patience.
Your volunteers,
Behrens Ranch HOA Board of Directors
Pool Area Restroom Remodel
Posted on Jan 26th, 2016
The pool area restrooms will be remodeled beginning 01/28/16.   The work will take place over the course of approximately 10 days.   Thank you for your patience during this time.
December Newsletter - Special Edition
Behrens Ranch - Tennis Court Gate
Posted on Nov 10th, 2015
Management is aware that the tennis court gate has been vandalized and removed from its hinges.  Repairs will be completed soon.   Thank you for your patience. 
LCRA Power Line Project Info
Posted on Nov 3rd, 2015
Following last week's meeting with the LCRA representative, the board has compiled a summary of the current status of the LCRA Power Line project. This summary includes our understanding of the current process as well as a series of actions that we STRONGLY SUGGEST every resident take in order to preserve the quality of life for our community.
Summary of the Project
Due to the rapid growth of Round Rock and the communities to our North, the current electrical grid is unable to adequately serve the needs of the communities North of Round Rock without additional high voltage powerlines connecting the existing power grid and new substations to our North. These new lines are slated to go into service in 2019. The state has a very defined process for projects such as this, which is documented on page 8 of the document located here.  The final authority on where the lines will be placed is the Public Utility Commission for the state of Texas.  The members of that commissions are all elected officials. As a part of the initial planning for these lines, the LCRA is required to draw up multiple proposed routes for the lines. Input is solicited from the community (and community leaders) in this phase of the project.  The next step in this process  is for the LCRA to make a recommendation to the PUC for which route they believe is the best to pursue. There will be additional opportunities for community input after that point, but our first real opportunity to provide feedback is via a survey LCRA has posted which should be completed by November 9th.

November Newsletter
Posted on Nov 2nd, 2015
Courtesy of Behrens Ranch Volunteer, Shirley Marquardt (Thanks, Shirley!)
September Newsletter
Posted on Sep 1st, 2015