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  • Amenity Master Improvement Plan
  • History of Behrens Ranch Amenities
    Why Are Our Amenities What They Are?
    There is a lot of confusion and frustration over the current level of amenities available in our community. Plans are in the works to make improvements, but it is important that we all realize what the situation really is.
    When a developer creates a planned community in a market like ours, they typically attempt to maximize marketability by creating beautiful entryways, extensive landscaping and open areas, extravagant pool and amenity facilities, and sometimes even a golf course. Such is the case with the original plans for Behrens Ranch. The original master plan included an 18 hole golf course complete with club house/amenity center and extensive water features, as well as a supplemental pool and playground area which is the amenity area we know today. However, as is also often the case, the amenities which we are ‘missing’ were to be funded by a golf course development investor. Well the financial climate following 9/11 evidently caused the golf course development investor to back out of the deal, and to make a long story short, a replacement investor was not secured. This led to a lawsuit by roughly 20 of the first homeowners in Behrens Ranch against the neighborhood developer. This case was settled and part of the settlement agreement included $250,000 which the litigants could spend as they saw fit. The litigants agreed to allow a Master Plan Committee consisting of litigant and non-litigant members of our community to facilitate the planning and expenditure of the settlement money.
    The first step taken by the Master Plan Committee was to hire a professional architect to develop a land plan drawing showing what could be done on the remaining open space surrounding the amenity center. He was asked to come up with a layout which maximized usage of the roughly 4 buildable acres while maintaining the existing facilities and with no specific budgetary constraints. The resulting map was first presented at the HOA meeting on 8/28/06 and is available here. There is no plan to realize the full extent of amenity features included in the near future, but these plans will serve as the basis for near term development which minimizes long term limitations.
    The remainder of the settlement dollars was used to build the new kiddie water feature and the parking lot extension (which was required to meet city code).
    Additional amenity enhancements are being planned and managed by the Amenity Committee with funding from the HOA Master Plan Reserve. The Master Plan Reserve is a reserve account established by the Budget Committee to set aside a portion of our HOA dues in the annual budget for the sole purpose of enhancing amenities.
    So the net is that the amenities you see in many surrounding communities were paid for by the neighborhood developer or property investors, and the developer of Behrens Ranch has no known plans to enhance our amenities beyond what we have today. The kiddie pool and parking lot expansion were paid for with the $250,000 from the lawsuit settlement and any additional enhancements will be funded by HOA dues.
    Understanding the reality of our situation doesn’t make us feel any less frustrated, but it is important that we all understand. Behrens Ranch is a community of intelligent and hard working people, and we have very high standards. Please be patient and we will work together to make amenity improvements over time.

Code Enforcement
  • Can I put up a basketball goal?
    Portable basketball goals are allowed IF they are 15 feet from the street, are put by the house nightly and are not permanent. Permanent goals that are currently in place are grandfathered; no others may be set after April 1 2007. At no time shall basketball goals be affixed to housing structures nor sheds, or fences. The pole, back board, rims and net must be in manufacturer’s good condition, have good and repaired netting and may not be altered from manufacturers back board color. Poles must be kept painted, neat and clean and equipment upright when not in storage. If a goal falls into disrepair, asking for repair or removal via letter will be done. In cases where cement bound goals exist, permission to replace the goal is up to the committee. Permanent goal bases must have landscaping features around the base.
  • How about a soccer and a football goal post?
    Soccer or other goals are not allowed in front yards, streets or to be seen out overnight.
  • I just built this patio in my backyard, didn't have to get approval to do it, and planted 5 small trees because no one will see them for years anyway, so who cares and how will the committee know?
    Plats are monitored by public access satellite pictures and overlaid over older photos of properties. If major, unapproved projects are discovered they can be approved later if no problems exist & they fall within the boundaries of approval however significant risk exists here, especially if drainage problems or complaints arise then you might be asked to tear that expensive project out. Major projects that have been completed, are unapproved may also carry a $500.00 fine prior to approval.
  • I want to paint, not stain my fence, can I do this?
    Fences cannot be painted. Stained, yes with approval of the committee.
  • How do I report a violation issue to management?
    To report a violation issue, you can contact management directly thru the "Contact Us" page of this website.  Be sure to include the date the issue occurred, the address, and a description of the problem.   
  • How long can I keep my storage POD on my driveway since I just moved in?
    PODS or other storage units cannot be on properties for more than 2 weeks (14 days).
  • I have a wrought iron fence and people complain my backyard is messy, do I have to keep it cleaned up?
    Persons with wrought iron fences that can be seen through are responsible to keep their open yards neat and tidy as they would their front yards. Lattice work and other structures attached to the iron work to obstruct views must be first approved.
  • I put in a patio and had a rock grill added, is this okay?
     Getting approval for 1 project is not consent for other projects at same time. Please resubmit initial project with add-on work listed or submit a separate item prior to work commencement.
  • I want to put in a pool and a patio, what is the biggest thing to consider aside from safety, fencing and looks?
    When putting in a pool, patio, landscaping or other large objects, ensure drainage will flow evenly down its current path or a path that will not flow onto adjoining habitated properties. If your projects cause drainage to flow into a neighbors yard or floods others properties, you will be asked per new approval clauses, to fix this at your expense and to repair any damage if caused. Also consider the build lines of 5' on the sides and 5'-10' at the rear of the property. Pool pump or recycling equipment may not be in these build lines either.
  • If I don't want to pull my weeds and mow my yard and the HOA does it for me, about how much is it?
    About $100.00 for just the mowing, weed pulling extra. If anything else has to be done, we will also charge you for that if it applies.
  • It's just a tree and some shrubs, do I really need an approval? Trees are nice...
    Trees and other large, permanent plants must be approved and on the approved list or native to Central Texas. These must be approved prior to planting. Seasonal flowers do not necessarily need pre-approval if planting under 25 flowers.

Community Map

Utilities & Trash Service
  • Is there a list of utility providers?

    Water/Wastewater – City of Round Rock - http://www.roundrocktexas.gov/departments/utility-billing/
    Electric – www.powertochoose.org
    Gas – Atmos Energy - http://www.atmosenergy.com/home/index.html
  • When is garbage pickup?
    The City of Round Rock contracts with Round Rock Refuse for garbage collection.
    Garbage is collected every Thursday and recycling is collected every other week on Thursdays depending on where you live. 
    For questions, visit www.roundrockrefuse.net or call 255-4980.
    Residents of Behrens Ranch can expect their garbage to be picked up on Thursdays.
    Holiday Exceptions:
    • Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November)
    • Christmas Day (December 25th)