Behrens Ranch Neighborhood in Round Rock Texas

February 4, 2015
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Pools Closed




All three pools are temporarily closed until February 10th. An electrical line was hit in the common area, which caused us to turn off the pool equipment.

The lines are currently being repaired.


We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.



If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Certified Management of Austin at or 512-339-6962.

January 26, 2015
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Board Agenda January 2015





DATE:    Tuesday, January 27, 2015


PLACE:   Behrens Ranch Resident Center

2503 Arbor Drive

Round Rock, TX  78681


TIME:     7:00 pm


  1. MINUTES:   Review and approve minutes from meeting held November 2014.






  1. Update from Engineer CP & Y
  2. Update from Quantum Electric
  3. Update from Dobbs




  1. Events Committee- Jae Benjamin


Event Committee needs volunteers. Contact Jae Benjamin if anyone is interested at; or CMA.


2015 Community Events

Easter Egg Hunt- March 29th 

Spring Community garage sale –April 18th

Behrens Pool Party- June 6th

Back to School Bash- August 22nd.

Fall Community garage sale-September 26th

Fall Festival-October 24th

Christmas Party- December 12th


  1. Fence Eagle Scout


  1. Landscape Update- Larry Yawn


  • Got Lights


  1. Park-proposed electrical easement


  1. Any new business






January 21, 2015
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Neighborhood Watch Meeting – January 28, 2015

Join the Behrens Ranch Neighborhood Watch


               Wednesday, January 28, 2015

                   6:00 pm-7:00 pm

         Cactus Ranch Elementary Cafeteria

                2901 Golden Oak Circle

                Round Rock, Texas 78681

January 21, 2015
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Behrens Ranch Community Events 2015

Event Committee needs volunteers. Contact Jae Benjamin if anyone is interested at; or CMA.

2015 Community Events

  • Easter Egg Hunt- March 29th
  • Spring Community garage sale –April 18th
  • Behrens Pool Party- June 6th
  • Back to School Bash- August 22nd.
  • Fall Community garage sale-September 26th
  • Fall Festival-October 24th
  • Christmas Party- December 12th

December 9, 2014
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Oncor Update

From the City of Round Rock:


Attention Behrens Ranch Owners,


Recently, posts to the Behrens Ranch Facebook page and flyers distributed within the neighborhood stated that Oncor is planning to install large power lines, such as the one pictured below, along FM 3406 in front of the City park land.

This information is not accurate and was not verified by the City of Round Rock, Oncor or the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA is also a power utility).


LCRA does have a future transmission line connection project to connect Leander and Round Rock substations. It is in the very early planning stages.  While the LCRA project may utilize large power lines




The Oncor distribution line is a separate project entirely. Oncor is a privately owned electric delivery provider and is not part of the City of Round Rock. Below are the facts of the proposed Oncor distribution line, verified by the company.

For more information on the LCRA project please visit and

Yes, the proposed circuit along FM 3406 could be buried. The cost to run the entire line underground is approximately $230,000. There is inadequate space to bury the line inside the FM 3406 ROW. Thus the line would have to be buried inside the City’s parkland which would require a number of trees inside the park to be removed.

Would this project affect the plans for the proposed park?

No, the plans for the 220-acre park are for a natural “passive park,” consisting of a three-mile hike and bike trail and nature playground. The parking lot for the park is anticipated to be located on the southeast portion of the property with an entrance off of FM 3406 to avoid any traffic cutting through the neighborhood.

Would the overhead lines affect the trees along the walking path located on FM 3406?

No, Oncor is planning to install concrete power poles that are taller than the trees so that they avoid any trimming or cutting the trees as much as possible. The poles would not be the large metallic structures pictured on the flyer. The poles would be made of concrete and would look very similar to the existing power poles on FM 3406.

Does Oncor need to run the lines on the north side of FM 3406?

Yes, the poles on the south side of FM 3406 already have a circuit on them. Placing two circuits on one pole creates a situation where if a pole fails, both circuits will face significant service failure. Oncor separates circuits so that in the event one circuit experiences a failure, Oncor can re-route the power to the working side temporarily while repairs are being made to the damaged side without service interruption.

Are any other changes being planned to the above or below ground Oncor utilities in Behrens Ranch?

No, the seven existing power poles running immediately west of Wyoming Springs Drive along FM 3406 as well as the current above and underground utilities servicing the neighborhood will remain intact. Oncor will be performing routine maintenance in the future, but the locations of existing utilities will remain the same.

Are the stakes with the orange tags the proposed pole locations and is there a timeline for the project?

Yes, the orange stakes are the preliminary markers set by Oncor. Oncor would like to begin installing the new circuit in late January or early February of 2015.


If you have any questions regarding the Oncor project please contact Eddie Ferguson, the Oncor Customer Operations Manager at 512-244-5606 or



The Oncor Power Distribution Line

What is it and why is it necessary?

The current electrical load on the circuit serving the Behrens Ranch Subdivision has exceeded its capacity rating and as a result Oncor needs to add an additional circuit. The new circuit will provide additional redundancy and safeguards in the event the existing circuit fails. This new circuit will also provide capacity needed for the continued expansion of Behrens Ranch.   Behrens Ranch is the only subdivision this project would serve.

Where is the line proposed to be located?

Oncor’s initial proposal was designed to be entirely above ground, connecting the Switchgear (the green box located north of the small driveway on Wyoming Springs Drive) to a circuit approximately 2,000 feet to the east. After City staff spoke with HOA representatives, Oncor agreed to run underground the portion of the cable from the Switchgear box behind the Behrens Ranch entry sign to the Right-of-Way (ROW) on FM 3406 at their own cost of approximately $65,000, shown below in the dashed red line.


Oncor is not required to run any portion of the cable underground and the City cannot force Oncor to do so. The proposal above shows the red line as the underground section and the yellow line as the above ground section. The above ground section is located in the ROW of FM 3406, which is owned and maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The City of Round Rock has no authority over FM 3406 or its ROW.

December 6, 2014
by Webmaster

Power Line Announcement

Attention Behrens Ranch Owner,

As a result of the recent Behrens Ranch Board Meeting, it appears that there is some misunderstanding about the power line issue as there are two different projects that involve (or potentially involve) the Behrens Ranch area. The first, which generated the fear is the larger ERCOT/LCRA transmission line connection project to connect the Leander and Round Rock substations. This multimillion dollar project is extensive, that began with early discussions recognizing the need for the connection that occurred in late 2013/early 2014.

The project is still approximately 2 years away from construction/completion. I have personally spoken with the Regional Affairs Director of the LCRA and to date the route of the large transmission line has not yet been determined. Once a proposed route has been selected by LCRA, they will host public open houses to gather input on the preliminary route selections. The City of Round Rock and the neighborhoods along the proposed route will be notified of the public open houses. These meetings are not planned until the spring of 2015 tentatively.

The second project is much smaller, which is a connection line that would run from the existing electric utility approximately 2,000 feet from the northeast corner of Wyoming Springs Drive east. I will be reaching out to Oncor to get current maps and plans as well as diagrams of the power poles, lines, etc. so that we can see exactly what they are planning. I will be in touch again shortly once I have all of the facts and diagrams. Rest assured, the smaller project is in no way connected to the larger one in scale or impact.
If the Board or anyone from the community has any questions about the project please feel free to direct them to me.
Thank you,
Joseph Brehm

Neighborhood Services Coordinator

City of Round Rock, Texas